Friday, August 24, 2012

Mini Coupon trip

So I have been couponing for a while now. Some weeks I do awesome some weeks I just don't have the time. While I love to save money some days it just doesn't feel worth the headache.

There are certain staples that I always keep in the house. Spaghetti sauce is one of them and my family only eats Ragu. Love our Ragu!

During the winter months I do some freezer cooking which I'll share more with you in the future! Ziti, lasagna, chicken and spinach shells are all on that list if freezer foods to cook and all of these require spaghetti sauce.

Anytime a staple is on sale and has a coupon I'm there. So needless to say when Kroger had Ragu as part of there Mega Sale and there was a .40 off two coupon that would double I was pumped. I logged on eBay bought myself 20 coupons, for only $1.20 plus free shipping and off Krogering I went.

This is what all I got
16 jars Ragu
1 dozen eggs
8pack AA batteries (k-man had to have batteries for his leaps tee
1pack Huggies wipes
Two packs crayola toothbrushes
3 suave shampoos
1 suave deodorant
2 jello puddings
1 carnation instant breakfast powder
12 betty crocker cake mixes


YES ( in my best Napoleon dynamite voice)

I have included a pic of my recipes just for sharing, sorry for the wrinkled paper but they've been wadded up in my purse...dont be acting yours ain't there too!
PS this is my first blog post from my phone so my apologies if it looks all jacked up! :)

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