Saturday, March 25, 2017

The House that Built US - Weeks 7 & 8

Week 7

This week wasn't the best for building. There was a lot of rain and storms that came through our town but they did manage to get a few things accomplished. We were hoping they would get the slab in the downstairs poured but that didn't happen. They managed to get the plastic and rebar down and they filled the block walls with concrete as well. It was a beautiful day that Sunday and the hubs and I took our first front porch picture!

Front Porch Standing

Ready for the slab to be poured

Lots of concrete in those walls

Week 8 started out beautifully and we had a fantastic week progressing forward on the house! 
Monday a bunch of wood and floor trusses showed up so that was exciting to see and they also got the slab poured! 

Tuesday we stopped by and they had cut the concrete and the holes for the back deck posts poured

Wednesday I was blown away by what all they were doing. The back wall was up and they were framing the downstairs. It's a good thing we stopped by those because they had forgot to frame one of the doors leading to the back patio. They immediately started taking out posts and framing the door! The work they have done so far has been excellent and I am so pleased with how it is looking!

Walking into his Safe room and home brewery

Standing in the toy room/workout room, not decided which yet

Back wall is up and I am loving the BIG windows!! 

Thursday they had the entire downstairs framed and were putting the wood up top for the floor trusses to be put on. We also met with the cabinet company to pick out our cabinets. The bathroom cabinets were fairly easy to pick out but the kitchen was a little more difficult. I am doing dual color cabinets in the kitchen and the shades are where I am struggling. They only had two shades in to show my but he is trying to get doors of the other two, that I think are more along the lines of what I am looking for. Hoping he will have those in next week for me to see.

Back of the downstairs

Timberlake in the bathrooms and TRU in the kitchen

Friday they put all the floor trusses on! This was so exciting because this means in the next two weeks we will be walking through our bedrooms and kitchen, bathrooms, etc. :-) This is where I am praying for clear weather for the next month! 

I took the workers donuts that day too hoping the little sugar kick would give them a boost of energy to finish and it seems to work as when we went back that evening the trusses were completely finished. 

This morning we went and got a few quotes on Appliances. I thought that was going to be an easy choice because we pretty much knew what we wanted however it is becoming a little more difficult. The fridge we LOVE is in one brand and the only brand that makes that style but all the other appliances we like (and are within our budget) are in another brand. Do any of y'all have two different brands of stainless in your kitchen?? Can you tell a difference in the color?? 

I'll be back next week with more updates! 


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