Friday, March 10, 2017

The House That Built US Week 6 - Downstairs prep

It seemed like they got a lot accomplished at the homestead this week. Theme returned on Monday and had the basement and garage block completed by Wednesday. This was including a half days lost on Tuesday due to the rain! They did an amazing job on the block and the foundation is looking nice and sturdy!


More gravel arrived on Thursday which they will use to doe some back full drainage with. 

I got to talk a bit with the contractor on Thursday and we are on track to be framing by end of March/beginning of April. I guess with life being so busy all the time it seems as though this process is flying by. I'm thankful though as I do not do so well with the waiting game.

Workout Room and Safe Room

The garage! 

We went by today and the plumber came to do the plumbing for the downstairs and then they spread out the gravel and are preparing to pour the slab. It was so fun to be able to see the pipes sticking up where the downstairs crapper will be! ;) 

Leveling out where the patio will be

Downstairs bath

Have a good weekend y'all! 

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