Saturday, March 4, 2017

The House That Built US - Week 5 - Basement

 While the week didn't go quite as well as I had hoped with 2 days worth of bad storms that moved through our area but I am still happy with the work the did manage to complete. 

We also met with two different real estate agents this week and have one more meeting scheduled for next week. We have never sold a house and had quite a few questions plus we had been told that we needed to interview and shop around to be sure we found the person best fit for us. We have been very please with what we have heard so far but still are unsure about the "timing" of putting our house on the market. This area is a HOT area which is great but it could also leave us moving twice, something we aren't crazy about doing.  Have you all had any experience with the POD's? We are thinking about going that route but don't know much about them. Any advice is welcome! 

My mom stopped on Monday and said no one was there and I had a super busy evening so I didn't stop by but I did swing by on Tuesday even though it rained that morning. It looked like someone had been there because the block was lined up all along the edge of the outline. That was the only thing that I noticed.

Lots of water! 

Wednesday the storms were really bad with lots and lots of rain! IT worried me that Thursday and Friday would be a wash since the storm left standing water down by the footers but they didn't let that stop them! 


Thursday evening they were working when I stopped by and to my surprise already had what I considered a pretty good amount lay.

We went back today to see what all they got completed Friday and found one entire basement wall up long with half the other and the bottom layer along the bottom completed. 

That little indention you see there is a Closet downstairs! 

We talked with the contractor and pending no major weather issues he anticipates all the block walls to be completed by the end of next week! ::) YIKES!!! Even just one wall up made the realization that this is happening sink in! Not gonna lie, I'm still in partial disbelief y'all! :) 

Praying for no rain and sunny blue skies this week! I may have to take those men some Advocare Spark this week to get them pumped up and ready to go! LOL

Till next week,

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