Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Well I have been relatively quiet on the blog lately. Supermom has been working her fingers to the bone and the blog has been suffering. :(

After finishing Jamie Eason LiveFit I decided to try out Jillian Michaels 30DS. I'm not really a fan. I mean it's an ok workout but after doing some seriously lifting for 12 weeks it just isn't cutting it. I am contemplating going back and starting at LiveFit Phase 2 and upping every weight and seeing how that goes.

I haven't ran in about a week either. It is just so blazing HOT but man and I getting the itch. After half a mile outside I feel like I'm dying! Good thing I didn't sign up for an summer Halfs...don't think I would have made it through.

We are still cleaning eating about 80% of the time. The other 20% is left to pizza and well pizza. Gosh why do I have to love pizza so much?!

I have been enjoying the extra day off every week with my babies. I know that we all make difference decisions about working vs staying at home but I have to say that since I am a full time working momma this extra time I have at home is spent making memories and lots of them! This works for my family perfectly and I honestly don't know that I would have it any other way. Well maybe I would only work 3 days a week for forever but since it's only for the summer I will take it and run.

My mind has also been in Africa the past few days. Zawadi started there yesterday and oh how I long to be there. Once Zawadi is over (it's about a week long process) I will do a big post with all the pictures from it! I hope that you will join me in prayer over the next few days that these students will feel the love of Jesus and the love from others around the world who want to show them what genuine love and giving is all about!

The next  few weeks are super crazy for me. Little mans CampOut Birthday party is next weekend and if you know me its "Party Big or Go Home"! I love me some party planning but I will be fully immersed in it for the next week then the week after that will be "His" birthday day where we will do everything HE wants to do. Then we have Bible School and we leave for the beach on the 28th. Not to mention I plan on training in #beastmode for the next 2 weeks before the beach! I am seeing changes and happy with them so I want to keep it up!

I will follow up though with a new "Transformation" picture right before leaving for the beach in one of the new bikini's I ordered! It came yesterday and I almost feel 100% comfortable! SCORE! There will also be party posts, birthday posts and Zawadi posts!! WHEW! Now where did I put my cape~~~~~~

I'm thankful that I have been given this gift of raising my children to LOVE with a heart like Jesus'

This bag was filled by Kinley and he prayed for David and now to see it in the hand of David just fills my heart with so much love and joy! I <3 both of these boys so much!

Free Movie wednesday with friends!

Oh and I tried to get crafty but couldn't even get the dang sewing machine to work, UGH! I wanted to give away some cool stuff! :(

Can you guess what I was trying to make??

Finally tall enough for bumper cars, YAY!

and big enough for the bigger slide!

I swear this girl will drive me to drink...more heavily but Lord how I love her! #sheishermothersdaughter

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  1. Oh man we are pizza addicts at my house too!! Yumm. I could eat it every night but limit myself to once a week .. usually O:-)

    And as to what you're making .. I know, I know! lol no slip headbands :p