Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Little Man

I can't believe this picture was taken 5yrs ago today at roughly 5:30am while my husband scarfed down a sausage biscuit and me...I couldn't eat squat. Yeah That's love right there.

Yes I totes wore that shirt to the hospital and I got RAVE reviews!
 Every women has a birth story and I will spare you mine. It was a perfect delivery well almost if that blasated student hadn't put the infant rectal thermometer in my mouth and then could figure out why it would take my temp. Yeah that happened too....

This is one of my fave post birth pictures of me and my sweet baby boy. He was so tiny and perfect and I can remember holding him right there just like it was yesterday.My heart breaks to think of how fast he has grown but at the same time it is filled with so much joy and pride as a momma it feels like it will burst at times.

Our first family picture the following morning. It was within those 2 days that I feel even more deeply in love with my husband. He was my rock during delivery and the way he would just gaze at our son with tears in his eyes melted my heart. I seen deep into his soul that day and realized that God truly created this man perfectly for me.

Now I get to take our son on HIS Birthday to do whatever his little heart desires. It is HIS day and from dawn to dusk we are celebrating him. Each of his accomplishments from the past year, his growth and learning and celebrating him being one of the biggest blessings in my life.

Today is your day little man take it and run!

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