Thursday, August 10, 2017

This is "The House That Built US"

Holy cow has it really been almost 4 weeks since the last house update?! Somedays it seemed like NOTHING was going on then the next there would be a whole load of work done. I have been told that is typical for the end process of building but boy is it frustrating when all you want to do it be in your new house and it seems like everything is moves at a turtles pace.

The past 4 weeks have ran together pretty good so I will start with just saying that the house is officially done. I started this blog post with another week to go but as of today we have the keys! 

It is still hard to imagine myself living in it though. Everything just seems so nice and neat and un-lived in so imagining mess and chaos is hard but I am sure it will only take 2hours for the place to be run through and appear "lived in".

I cannot even begin to tell you my excitement to sit on my front porch with a cup of coffee...or glass of wine depending on the time of day! 😉

The past few weeks have been extremely busy yet I have had some time to reflect on the building process of this house. How has this house built US? To be honest I wasn't really sure. Building the house has been a learning experience but we have went at it as a united front, agreeing on the majority of decisions to be made. It was in those moments that I realized that we have built a beautiful house that we will soon make a home but the house that built us was that tiny little gray house that we have called home for the past 11years.

Two weekends ago we had to move out of that little home and it was an emotional 3 days. We moved to Tennessee 12 years ago as two young kids right out of college never dreaming we would make this our home. We had dreams of one day going back to WV. The first couple years were like an extended vacation with weekend trips to see family once a month but then we brought a sweet little boy into this world and suddenly we seen everything different.

As I sat on our brown couch I could vividly remember holding him and nursing him on that couch while home on maternity leave. I would walk the hallway hundreds of times each night to try and calm his colicy self. He learned to run down that hallway and swim in our back yard. I've kissed more boo boo's that I can remember outside and I believe between he and Lanie they have been in time out in every single corner of that house.

I sat out on the front porch holding a 2 week old baby watching the fireworks for his first 4th of July.

Then just a few short years later we brought a sweet baby girl home. I took a picture of her with the girl swinging from the tree in her room. I was so excited when I was pregnant to have that mural painted on her wall. It was a vision of the little girl that she would become and here she is turning 6 next week.

We watched her learn to swim and each of them learn and grow. We went from young and in love to parents who had no support close by and had to figure it out on our own. We learned to depend on each other and not take a single moment for granted. We laughed together and cried together in that house. We poured blood sweat and tears into that little home and made it exactly as our hearts desired. We made it ours and it molded and shaped us into who we are now. I hope to cherish all those memories that those four walls have seen.

So as it stands now, that little gray house on Water Oak Dr. has "built US" but that house on Laramie Lane will get to take over in the next few weeks. We will move in, work on it and make it our HOME. It will see my children grow and will help build US as we move into the phases of life that is to come.

I thank God each day for such wonderful memories and how he has used these places to build and mold us into the family that we are. 

I hope you enjoy this little tribute to "The House That Built US"! I hope to get a New Home Tour up soon! 


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