Friday, February 17, 2017

The House that Built US Week 3 - Dirt

Changes are happening everyday this week and they have got me excited!!

Big Red

Sunday evening we took my papaw over to see the property and Big Red was there (that is what I have named the dumpster). The kids thought it was the neatest thing and wanted to play on it! I was rather surprised by how clean it was!

Monday rolled around the they officially broke ground! Let me just praise God for a moment and say he heard my prayer and they had no problems digging the basement. It was such a worry of ours that they would hit rock or something when digging that would make the cost of the house jump. They didn't and digging went just as smoothly as it could have. PTL!

They had to build up the house some to be level with the road so they were layering the clay where the driveway and garage is going to be. Tuesday they were digging the footers out and Wednesday the rebar went in the footers and they were ready for inspection on Thursday. We found out that Blount county only has 1...yes you read that right ONE inspector for the WHOLE county. That could create a problem down the road as we are trying to move in a timely manner and we have to stop for days and wait on them. Y'all know I don't like to wait....God must be planning to teach me patience. 

We have a BIG HOLE!
Building it up! 

Tuesday they started digging footers! 
There is the front door again! :)

Oh and while I was there Tuesday the guy show up with the potty and OF COURSE I had to document it with a picture! 

We met with Kevin on Wednesday and pick up samples of garage door colors, shutter colors, front doors and stone pamphlets. We have a front door picked out and have one estimate, just waiting on a second to come back but we are 99% sure of what we are getting. Oh and we did have a little snafu in the plans. In our house we will have a walk in attic meaning we have steps that go up to a door and walks directly into the attic. Since there are steps and it could potentially be "finished" space we have to have a exit window. Well the exit window was too big for the space so we had to shorten one part of the front to widen the other...oh my gosh so much to figure out! Thankful for my husband and contractor for taking care of the hard stuff! 
Thursday they finished putting the posts in the footer, had the inspection that went great and we were set up for concrete today! 

I managed to refrain from going over there 15 times today since I was off and waited until the hubs got home from work so we could go together. The concrete guys were leaving when we got there and we now have concrete in the basement footers!! WOOP WOOP!! 

We are moving right along and I am excited to see what next week brings! We are currently preparing our house to be put on the market. That means lots of purging of toys, clothes and crap...yep lots and lots of crap!  Wish me luck folks!


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