Thursday, February 2, 2017

The House That Built US- Week 1 The Nosey Neighbor

Well for months while we were looking for the perfect piece of property we heard horror stories of people who have built homes in Smoky Hills. Everything from nosey neighbors to NIGHTMARE of an HOA. It was one of the things that made purchasing our lot such a hard decision. We prayed and prayed about it and even took the step of getting HOA approval on our plans and staking out our home on the lot before we even closed on the land. I don't like confrontation so the smartest thing to do would of course be iron everything out beforehand...right??

On the day we went to meet with the HOA president I was a nervous wreck...should I bake him cookies or would that seem like too much of a suck up?? Literally every scenario went through my head. I wrote up a letter detailing out our plans and that we had already staked the house on the lot. I asked for approval before we closed on the property. We got to sit and talk with him and his wife for a while that evening and I left feeling very refreshed. They were super nice people who will make great neighbors! It had been a few years since anyone built in there so maybe things had changed.

After the first meeting with our contractor he came back to us with a nervousness of building a home in this neighborhood. He himself had heard horror stories for contractors who had built for customers in this neighborhood. We assured him that we were confident with our HOA president and that we will not have any problems.

We met two more times over the past month with the the HOA president and both times were truly enjoyable. We understand the importance of keeping the neighborhood nice, to keep up property values while also realizing that each person has their own taste in homes, decor, etc. I felt no reservations at all.

This week my two tasks were a) setup the new water service b) set up new electric service. I managed to get those done on Tuesday, sent over all the info to our contractor and felt accomplished....and then it happened.

While our contractor was at our property today setting the water tap flag a neighbor a few houses down from ours stopped by. He thought maybe a friendly hello but before you know it he was telling my contractor to stop his work because we couldn't put our house where we had staked it out. Our house had to be in line with all the other houses on the street. **SIDE NOTE there are only 3 on that side and none of them line up. Well the restrictions state that we have to have setbacks of 30feet from the fronts and 12.5' on the sides. Our home is at a 40.5' setback from the road and well within the side set backs.

There is not issue with our house except that it isn't where "this neighbor" would prefer it to be. My contractor though wasn't quite sure how to handle this guy as he knew him on a more personal level so he called us. We immediately called the president of the HOA and told our contractor to proceed with the his work. Once he called us back he assured us that as long as we were within the setbacks given in the restrictions we were fine to proceed. This guys may prefer it one way but we are not breaking any rules and his preference doesn't give him the right to come on my property and stop my contractor. This is where Sweet Southern Mel turns into MEAN Southern Mel. ;) He said he would speak with this neighbor about it but again we can put the house where we want it.

Day 3 and it has already began with the nosey bully. At this time I will just call him nosey neighbor but I sure hope he keeps his nose within his own property lines for the duration of this process.

I see now why this little blog will be a great place for me put all these memories. I am sure one day I will look back and laugh on all just may be a while!!  I also hope that this little blog will bring you all some humor at the absurdness of some people! :)

Hoping to be back next week with ground breaking and no neighbor stories but for now I am enjoying the Contractors sign (yes something so little brings me such excitement and joy) and that beautiful view through the trees! 

Much Love,

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