Thursday, November 15, 2012

We are HIS Everything

So I just read this post from Mamalode and was very moved. She was honest, true, and really delivered a strong message that for some moms is hard to swallow. While our children are EVERYTHING to us, they are not EVERYTHING to EVERYONE. And trying to teach the difference can be very hard because if you lean a little more to one side vs. the other, then you could leave them with a sense of arrogance or a sense of low worth. Neither of these two things do we every wish to see in our children.

While I agree with all of her post there is one thing that I feel she left out and so that is what I would like to talk about.

Read her post Two Hearts Two Stones, be prepared to cry a bit and then come back here for alittle more.

Yes, we want our children to go into the world knowing they are everything to us but there are going to be days when they feel the world is crashing down on them. What if this day comes and we are not around to comfort them. No one likes to think of leaving this place while our children are still young but the fact is that it happens.

NOW is the time to teach your children.

We are not guaranteed tomorrow.

Who will hold our children then? Who will be their comfort?

There is only ONE that comes to mind and he is the same one who carries me on a day to day basis. We need to encourage our children to talk to God like they talk to mommy and daddy. They should be able to cry out to him for help when mommy and daddy aren't there.

This world we live in is cruel, mistakes happen, everyone has a problem they are facing. Sadly there are so many who don't know how to let God hold them.

Here is my story of Faith and knowing that to Him I was EVERYTHING even when thought to others I wasn't.

"At a very young age my mom and dad taught me to depend on God. That he is the only one who can do miracles and he is the ONE who I should seek in times of trouble.

At the young age of 13 my mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She had been having awful headaches for sometime, double vision, MRI after MRI and I will never forget the moment that she got the phone call. The one that shook our world harder than you could possibly imagine. I knew it was her Dr and the way she dropped to the couch with tears in her eyes and a hand over her mouth I knew it wasn't good news.

Think of what your first reaction would be in that situation. What would you want your child to do. Curse God, scream WHY and shake their fist?

I ran straight to my bedroom and hit my knees hard, prayed as hard as my thirteen year old heart could. I cried, and prayed and cried and prayed.

Those months seemed like years on end but my family never lost their faith. Even when doctors were not hopefully for removal, our faith was not shaken. Through that time we learned to draw closer to God as a family. To ask him to help hold us and carry us through this dark hour.

We still faced struggles daily. People we passed in the grocery store didn't know our battle. So as mamalode said we couldn't let others who we weren't everything too upset us. They didn't know and we are not their everything.

God held us and heard us. That is why my mom is still here with us 15yrs later without a single problem since.

Oh and the tumor surgery, no treatment just LOTS of prayer and unending faith in a God who is the almighty healer."

Now tell me you don't believe in miracles.

I want my children to feel close to God in those dark times. Those times when I can't be there and they feel like they don't know where to turn. Because although they are EVERYTHING to US...they are not EVERYTHING to EVERYONE but they will always be EVERYTHING to GOD and he is always with us.


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