Friday, November 23, 2012

Testimony, Thanksgiving and a Winner

What a week...

I don't know what else to say, this Thanksgiving has not been what I ever imagined it would be. The week started off rough on Sunday when my papaw had another major heart attack, went for 15+ minutes before regaining a heart rate and pulse which meant his brain went without oxygen for that long period of time. He was unresponsive from that point on. Tuesday the doctors told us that if he had not responded by Wednesday morning at 10am they would do one more CT scan to look at brain damage but then it would be time for the family to decide whether or not to take him off the ventilator (aka life support). While he did not want to ever be on life support and I know I would not want that myself it is soooo sooo very different when you are in that situation with someone you love and you have to actually speak those words. It's hard.

I prayed that if it was my papaws time to go home then the Lord would just take him 8am on Wednesday morning my papaw went on to heaven.

Needless to say facing Thanksgiving the next day without a loved one so dear even before you lay them to rest was difficult but we were able to pull together as a family and enjoy a good meal together.

Today we had the first round of services for my papaw and tomorrow he and the rest of us will travel back to WV where he will be buried on Sunday.

Now a short granny and papaw have been married 55yrs. Their love is amazing, they did everything together and while they were polar opposites they were the perfect fit. Their love is what has held this family together and helped up make the bonds we have together. He was a kind, strong, faithful man who loved God and his family more than anything.

 My granny was not at the hospital when he passed but she got there a few minutes later. My mom told me that she expected granny to come in and be beside herself upset. Instead she came in, patted his leg, said "My honey bunny you're in heaven now" then she immediately turned around and just started praising God for all the wonderful things he has done. That is simply amazing. Their love for each other was so strong that she did exactly as we are intended to do, Praise God even in the storm. She has had her moments but man is she strong, a hundred times stronger than I ever anticipated she would be. She is Amazing, He was Amazing and my God is AMAZING!

I will praise him even in the storm.

Now I am so sorry but this week has been so crazy I am just now sitting down at a computer to pick a winner, and the WINNER IS...
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Don't forget to check back as our Angel will be making her appearance in the next week or so and I plan on updating you on all that she is inspiring us to do!

Also I had a FANTASTIC guest post for Thanksgiving but I did all the cooking on Thanksgiving for ALL the peeps in my family and took it to my grannys house so I didn't even get a chance to post it! I will post it tomorrow because her Paying it forward is awesome and comes with a yummy recipe!! Check back tomorrow for that!


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