Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The House That Built US - Week 21

Our contractor was on vacation this past week so not a whole lot got done but we did get to see the house transform with color as the painters completed the inside and 70% of the outside, DARN RAIN!! 
Master Bedroom

Mudroom Dropzone! 

I LOVE my black front door! 

It is just simply amazing at what a difference the paint colors make. 

The hubs and dad worked long hours each day on the tile tub and shower. They almost got it done and then ran out of bullnose. That was special order so they are stuck waiting on Tuesday to roll around so they can put up those last few pieces then start grouting it. 

Bad lighting but it is absolutely stunning!


I cannot tell you how good my daddy is at tiling y'all!! He never ceases to amaze me at his perfectionism. We decided to border the tub, something we were not going to do originally and I am so glad we did. It really just made it all come together! 

We also ordered our cabinet pulls and I picked up interior door knobs. We found some cabinet pulls at Lowe's for around $4ea then we found the same exact ones on Amazon for slightly over $1ea!! Make save there since we needed almost 70!! 

I also started on some crafting projects for the new house. I am just loving the Farmhouse style decor and it seems to flow so well with the layout and color scheme of the house! I just can't wait to put it all together!
I made throw pillow covers for our bed!

I also started with some major packing this week. We have boxes EVERYWHERE! I am trying to not let it get to me but that is hard. My anxiety kicks into over drive every time I walk through the door. 

Kevin comes back next week so hopefully we will see some more big changes happen. I am getting super anxious about being in the new house!


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