Saturday, April 8, 2017

The House That Built US Week 10- A Real House

It looks like a house...a real house.

Well for it to be a crummy weather week they still managed to get a lot accomplished. We even ran into an issue with the garage and roof trusses but they made it right quickly by lowering the garage walls just a bit. It was crazy to see SO MANY men working on the days it wasn't raining. 

This week has been such a whirlwind for us that when I looked back at the pictures on my phone I realized I don't have any from Monday. I guess that meant they didn't work...maybe it rained...I don't remember! I did go pick up a few samples of granite and quartz countertop. That decision is going to be even harder than I imagined! We haven't found one yet we both like and agree on. This could be our first real disagreement yet. :/


We also put the FSBO sign in our yard. I had to hold back the tears. I didn't realize actually putting that sign in the yard would have such an affect on me. Praying that God sends us the right buyers at His exact perfect timing! 

Tuesday I took the kids by and they were there setting roof trusses. They enjoyed seeing the crane lift and set the trusses. When I stopped by after gymnastics they didn't have them finished which surprised me because they seemed to be moving so fast. Well I found out Wednesday that the garage roof trusses wouldn't fit because of the bonus room above the garage. Blah Blah Blah, words I don't understand, assured it will look fine once finished, etc. Basically they had to lower the garage walls a little to get the head height correct for the bonus room, which we will use as walk in attic space for now. 

Taking shape

Thursday was AWFUL weather and they didn't get anything done. They were all there yesterday and today though and the entire roof is ready for shingles! Hoping that comes early next week! The steps going to bonus room/attic are in and the floor is down. I have so much room for all my Christmas and Halloween stuff now! 
Attic/Bonus Room above garage

They also took all the support posts out of the house so we really got a feel for the size of all the rooms!  

Kitchen and Living  room

Kitchen with Pantry on right & dining room on left

Thursday evening we finished up the appliances shopping and I am happy to say they are ordered and ready! 

Oh and have I mentioned how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my back deck??  It is seriously going to be my happy place! :)

Door from Master Bedroom to back deck

I stood in awe looking at the house today. Obviously it has taken shape and I am just amazed that it is mine. 

Nail by nail and board by board he has given life to my dream.

Til' next week,

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