Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Gift of Christmas

Well it's less than 2 weeks til Christmas day and I am officially ready! About 99% of my shopping is done, 80% of my wrapping is done and we start with all the family Christmas parties tomorrow! I absolutely love these last 10 or so days leading up to Christmas.

They are filled with so much cheer, giving, kindness(unless you are going after that last toy in which case the claws come out) but most of all love.

I have learned more these past two months about Christs' love than my whole 28yrs on earth. I have been on a mission of teaching my children to give and love others just at Christ does. He has opened the doors wide open for us and provided us with many opportunities to 'help' someone else or just to say "Thank You" more often.

I have also seen though how when you are being kind sometimes you get the feeling that you are being held back, that something is standing in your way or something is telling you that it's just not enough. I had a recent conversation with a lady where we talked about giving gifts to people and how she sometimes takes the tags off of things she buys. This is to keep the person on the receiving end of taking it back to (prob wal-mart) for money to use on other extra-ciriculars (putting it nicely). Never thought about this but it did make me think. We do stuff to shine Christs love on others. Sometimes its not always what the receiving party wants, but none the less it is out of the kindness of our hearts. If you are giving, and it doesn't matter whether it is money, gifts, food or anything else that is helping, you are doing your party to show Christ in you to others. Even if it might not be what they want, expect, or even need, you are shining your light a little brighter and Lord knows everyone needs a little light shown on them once in a while. Do not let 'others' who are not satisfied or do what you would like for them not to do discourage you from shining your light. Jesus didn't always please everyone but he did what God wanted him to do and he did it with a loving heart.

I had something said about me today that just absolutely melted my heart and touched me more than that person will ever know. She said "She gives as Christ would give. She loves as Christ would love". 

That is what I want people to say, that they see Christ in me, not that I am a good person or kind or loving because if they say that they see Christ in me then it means I am doing my job at bearing the fruits of the spirit. Praise God that he is allowing me to do work for Him!  
Please continue to shine your lights people, even if you only bless 1 person this season that is 1 less person going without a Christmas blessing and giving is the true gift of Christmas. It is the day that we, as Christians, received the most precious gift of all!

Here is some pictures for Our Christmas Angel and Elfie ~ Oh and they are offering FREE SHIPPING (that saves you $9) if you go order your Christmas Angel now! It's' never too late to start giving!

Elfie brought a "Thank You for being good" letter from Santa

Elfie is shaving while the Angel gathered stuff for us to donate to the Special Needs Adults in our Community

Elfie Shaving

Homemade candy making night with my girls resulted in Elfie getting into the bon bons
but the neighbors sure appreciated a few tasty treats!

Time to play well with our friends!
Now to show you how we have been spending our time leading up to Christmas with a few of our fave family traditions!

Our first year being in town for the Community Christmas Parade and it was a blast! The kids had so much fun!

Here they come!!!

The Christmas Season wouldn't be complete without a trip to Dollywood to see all the beautiful lights and who better to do it with than our best friends!

Bunch of lazy boys!

Poor Lanie bug surrounded by all these boys!

Watching the Musical Light Show!
I hope you all are getting ready for Christmas and having a wonderful holiday season!


Much Love,

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