Friday, February 14, 2014

Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not? My Love Story Part 2

Ok so we are traveling back to about 5 months before that night in Jan. I was in Morgantown visiting when I first seen Punkin. As I said in my last post he was my first crush so like any normal teenage girl those crush feelings flood back and I was bound and determined to make him see me! 

He drove a crotch rocket so I knew exactly what I needed to do...I needed to go for a ride! I ask, he agrees and we are off. It was a hot August day and we rode around for what seemed like hours but was prob only an hour. He even took me by to show me where he and another friend of mine lived. 

I did everything beside through myself onto him and he never seen me. I was crushed but also not surprised. I mean we all know that those childhood crushes never lead to the real deal. I thanked him for a good time and left just at that.

I later asked my friend and his roommate what the deal was and he was still in the healing process. I get it, I was healing too. Two very long relationships had left us both crushed and we didn't need to be rushing into anything. 

Now forward to jan 9th. Here we both were talking to night away. I'm sure we talked about everything for our hopes and dreams, what we were majoring in, who our close friends were. Funny stories of him and the guys living together and the stories of how our hearts were broken. Hand in hand we talked for was so relaxing, so ultimately perfect yet it was getting ready to end. 

The next morning I was heading home to Bolt. Three hours away from WVU. I was going to school full time Mon-Fri nod working a part time job in the evening and cheering for college. I didn't have time for a relationship and def not a long distance one but still this felt different. It felt too natural and easy. 

I knew that with girls the taking would be enough, I would remember those words long after I had left but sometimes words weren't enough for a man. Now let me stop and say I'm not talking about doing the nasty but just something extra to make sure he didn't forget that night.  It took a few minutes (maybe even an hour) for me to get up the nerve but the moment finally came. We lay there staring into each other's eyes waiting for that first kiss to happen....I didn't want the moment to pass so as I moved closer I whispered "Are you gonna Kiss me or not?" 

He did and it was a kiss I will never forget. To me the kiss was huge, if it was forced it wasn't right, if we moved awkwardly again it wasn't right. This kiss flowed like a smooth river. His slight touch on my cheek, the way his delicious lips felt on mine, the way he would stop and look into my eyes and it was like he was touching my soul. We kissed and kissed some more and that was it...I swear no nookie! He was a perfect gentleman and that night I seen what It felt like to be treated with respect and love all while having a great time.  

I left to go home after a night of NO sleep and all the way home my mind could this work? Did he feel the same connection I felt? He was probably out of my league...but it felt so right.

Only time will tell I guess!

Hope you enjoyed part 2! Part 3 will be coming soon!! 

Happy Valentines Day friends!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Love Story-Part 1

Well Happy Valentines Day friends!! It has been a while since I posted but this ost is not fitness related. I'm not going to tell you about dropping 3% body fat in the past month! or about the amazingness that P90X3 is. Tonight I'm going to tell you about my love story. I mean that's what valentines day is all about anyways right? Love and all that jazz...

I am starting this post late at night, maybe I have had a little too much red wine, maybe it's the fact that we have 6in of snow outside and it's still falling. That makes me like a little giddy girl again! I haven't seen snow like this in East TN since we moved here so I am beyond thrilled! 

Maybe it's because I thought I might finally share my love story. The who, when, what and a where's of how God lead me to the man he had planned just for me all along! 

<insert sips wine while laying in bed listening to nothing but the heat running> Apparently it's a combination of all the above. 

Let's rewind to 12 years ago, a little prelude to my story. It was 2012, I was getting ready to graduate High School, HOLLA C/O 2002, and I was planning the wedding of my dreams. Eight bridesmaids, a rainbow wedding, every girl has a different pastel color dress, my dress is a halter style dress with beading on the top and a very long train. Not only am I planning my wedding but I'm planning my graduation, my wedding and enrolled in college classes and living the dream...well my dream.

I will spare you details but three weeks before the wedding my high school sweetheart decided that he just didn't feel right about the wedding. I was crushed, everything had been planned, the wedding shower had already happened and all my new stuff was currently sitting in the apartment that was to be ours. I didn't know what to think or where to turn. 

Looking back, Gods hand was at work just as it always is. I was a stubborn, hard headed little girl, (I wonder where Lanie gets it) who unfortunately didn't listen to Him speaking to me. I did what I wanted then paid the consequences when I wasn't following the road He wanted me too. 

I don't want to go into that harsh story because it was part of my past, it ultimately lead me to the man of my dreams and it all worked out just as God intended. I do not regret a single moment of it and only a few small choices that I made during it I am not here to talk bad about the boy/man that I was once engaged too. It wasn't Gods will and regardless of who I was with or what the situation if God didn't want it to happen it wasn't going to happen.

So fast forward to Jan 2004. I have been single now for a little over a year. I still am "looking" for my dream man but finding that I am enjoying the single life. I like the free weekends to do as I please but I also miss those long talks sharing my soul with someone I hold so close. Man how I wish I had a closer relationship with God back then. 

My BFF wants to to go with her to WVU so she can see her beau. After talking to another good friend of mine who promises me a night of fun I agree to go...little did I know that night would be the start of my fairytale. I arrive at some friends house, right out schools, sweatpants and sweatshirt, no makeup and hair up. Not party ready at all but when I arrive a poker game is being place and there HE sits. Playing poker with the guys and just hanging out. 

<REWIND TO 1993, I'm 9, my cousin lived beside this boy and I am smitten with him. Maybe it's his skater haircut or his bad boy persona but I have my very first crush. Only problem....he is 4 yrs older than me so we NEVER see each other on any type of regular basis. What don't go to the same school yet we only live a mile apart. In a small town such as ours we know each other's name but that is it.>

Back to 2004, I am at my friends house and within 30min transform my homely looking self into total club ready babe...then I get noticed. Questions are exchanged and I found out the club scene wasn't his thing yet I still went. I was young and long Ing to cut loose and have some fun and dance until my heart ps content.

 He had just come out of a 6yr relationship also so that last thing either one of us was expecting was something that would lead to a lifelong love. 

I went out. Had a blast and came home only to find out he had waited on me to get back all night...

My first crush ever had waited on ME...maybe it was the early signs of love, maybe it was young stupidity but I'm sure Gods hand was all over it along with protecting me from the other stupid immature decisions I had been making at that time. 

After a phone call to him that night we ended up talking the entire night...that's it, just talking. Promise, 8hrs later I got my first kiss and that was it. One kiss, one long night of talking and realizing that this man was different than any of the boys I had been with before. 


Hope to hav the next part up tomorrow! 

Love y'all! ~Mel