Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Freezer Food Part 2


---> This girl right here does<---

So I decided that since I'm running a 5K in 2 weeks I better get my butt back on the treadmill. I have had a horrible case of the lazy's here lately but all it takes is a few nights of running and I'll fall right back into a schedule. While running the hubs came home from his softball game and was proceeding to tell me about how awesome their team is. I can't stand to not be able to look at someone while they are talking to me so I turned my head and about that time I flew off the side of the treadmill! How I didn't hurt myself I don't have a clue but I learned a valuable lesson...always keep your eyes straight ahead, looking back or to the side will cause you to stumble. Man doesn't that go much deeper than the treadmill.

God sure does work in mysterious ways and is always teaching me lesson after lesson.

Now on to Part 2 of my weekend of freezer cooking

I love having these around. They are not something that you tend to think of but when you need a quick fix for dinner they are perfect!

Stromboli and Pepperoni Rolls

Grocery List for 6 rolls (1 roll will feed my family of 4 with a side of soup or salad):

2- 3 Packs of Rhodes Dough from the freezer section
1 1/2lb of thin sliced ham
1 1/2lb of thin sliced sandwich pepperoni
24 slices of Provolone Cheese
6 cups of Mozzarella Cheese
Olive Oil

Total Spent on for this batch was about $25 and it made us 5 meals

Leave your frozen dough out for a few hours then put in the fridge overnight. I find it easiest to roll them out when they are completely thawed but still cold.

Here is the website where I got the recipe for the Stromboli. She gives you a recipe for homemade dough as well if you would prefer to do that.

I have found when making these that I tend to use less than what her original recipe calls for when using the frozen dough from my grocer so my recipe is adjusted to my rolls.

Roll out dough into a rectangle being sure you will have about 1-2in of room on each side after you lay your ham and pepperoni on there

Put two layers of ham on there

Add Pepperoni on top of ham

And look at this cutie who wanted to help his momma! I love it when he helps me!

Sprinkle with Oregano and Basil

Add 4 pieces of provolone cheese

Add 1 cup of Mozzarella Cheese

Take each side pulling up and mash dough together completely enclosing the ingredients

He had to have his picture made like he was eating it

Lay each roll on a piece of Saran wrap

Baste with olive oil and alittle more Oregano then completely wrap in Saran Wrap

Wrap the Roll in Aluminum Foil, Label Foil and Freeze

30 minutes and you are done!!

For the Pepperoni Roll I just omit the Ham, and use Italian Seasoning in place of Oregano and Basil, then add Italian Cheese with the mozzarella.

To cook

Thaw completely, this is best done by removing foil, putting in the fridge in the morning and then sitting out when I get home from work for about 30-45min before cooking.

Remove saran wrap and Cook on 350 for about 18-20min, waiting for top to turn Golden Brown

Enjoy with your favorite Marinara Sauce. I like to go to our local Italian restaurant and buy a large container of Marinara Sauce, Divide up in sandwich bags and freeze with my rolls so I will always have homemade marinara!!

Tips for Freezer Cooking today

  • Label Foil on Dull side First
  • Leave dough in bag when thawing
  • Always thaw completely before cooking otherwise you will end up with a burnt outer layer and cold inside
Total time on this was 30minutes especially since I had my little helper :)

Happy Freezing!



  1. Newest follower here! I Found you through the Tuesday link up :) Cute blog, I love it.

    P.S. I’m doing a $50 Shabby Apple giveaway on my blog. You should check it out here: http://meandmr.com/post/35113285949/shabby-apple-50-giveaway

  2. I'm going to prep a few of these today for my freezer. Should come in quite handy with our busy schedule. Enjoyed your blog! ~Kim

  3. These look delicious, I love stromboli and you could add all kinds of stuff in them. I'm going to try these I like to make up extra meals ahead an freeze, comes in so handy for the days you don't feel like cooking. Only problem I have is because their in the freezer the hubby thinks they have to be ate up right away or they will ruin.